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My Sad Stories


Once In 2015, It was Soon Christmas Time, I was At My Unc's House Playing Super smash Bros with My Cousin JoJo Jr. First round Id Won The Second round I won again, The Third Round, I won Again. Then When i was at the 4th round, I threw up on the Floor, On outside part of my Shoe and I Screamed and I Cried. My Aunt Grabs My Medicine From the Bag or The Fridge and Let me take a Teaspoon from a Spoon 3x Its....Its Not Working!!!! I Screamed. My Uncle Called My Mother and Wait for it To Dial , She says, Hello? and He Responded, Brittany, Something's Wrong with Your Daughter! and He Passes his Phone to me and a Slowly grab it and Says Momma and She Respond, Sweetie, Whats Wrong? Mommy I......I....I...I * Cries Harder and Screams Louder* Mom: Answer Me * Starts to Tear up* Answer Me! I could Not Respond...... I just Cant with all this Pain i have in my Head i just Babbled , Trying to get it out........To Be Continued....

Jan 14, 20 at 3:02pm

But where does this lead?


The Part 2 when Somewhere In the Vehicle own the Way to the Hospital or the ambulance...

Bitch please @tabris commented on My Sad Stories
Bitch please @tabris
Jan 14, 20 at 3:05pm
This account has been suspended.
Jan 14, 20 at 3:08pm

On with the show.

Jan 14, 20 at 5:27pm

That's very interesting...

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