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Semi-Disturbing Entertainment


Ever see anything that was very entertaining but at the same time it was mildly disturbing?
I am intrigued to see if anyone enjoys a disturbing media despite its disturbing nature.

Jan 12, 20 at 1:37am

gore is pretty interesting

im not a fan of sniff videos but i like the aftermath images

i dont wanna see people die but seeing the inside of the human body and seeing what it looks like after an accident or a face has been peeled off or a chest cavity forced open is really interesting from an anatomy point of view

no animals though, thats cruel


While I personally do not like gore, I do understand what you mean and I can agree it is interesting.
I can compare that to how people would break apart simple electronics just to see how it worked and
what you described is very much like that from what I understand.
Ironically enough when I put up this prompt I actually wasn't expecting gore to be an answer so I am quite pleasantly surprised.

Jan 12, 20 at 2:44am

yeah its exactly like that

like normally youd never get to see what happens to the human body when taken apart like that and its interesting (and a peeled face looks exactly like a halloween mask)

what about you? whatr you into that could be deemed disturbing?


That is quite true. Adding on to that, famous artists from Renaissance actually broke into crypts to dissect corpses just to see what was inside of a person. All of which contributed to creating such life like paintings and sculptures that we can stare at and admire today.
Would you buy a real peeled face if a costume shop sold one?

I suppose I tend to think of more psychological disturbances more than anything else. Though now that I think about it, anything disturbing is psychological so there goes that idea XD
Perhaps certain reactions that are inappropriate in various situations. Finding joy in things that people might consider to be horrible. I am not sure if I can describe it with more specific words since I am bad at explanations... hopefully the idea gets across.

Jan 14, 20 at 3:13am

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