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Redline is an anime movie about racing in space with similar antics as one would find in say a mario kart or from the Hanna Barbera Wacky Races series. JP is the main protagonist, a laid back Josuke type with a little Spike Spiegel mixed in. His dream is winning the intergalactic race called Redline merely for his pride. Not one for money or fame but driven literally for the thrill of accomplishment!

He also has a friend that supports him who is caught in a bind being in debt to a gang. JP has to struggle balancing his dream with preserving his old friend's life however when given the opportunity to actually compete in Redline and win he goes full throttle without checking his rearview mirror!

Another interesting character is Sonoshee who is from a racing family. Her objective is similar to JP's and as they compete against each other the differences they have start to blur into a combined effort to finish the race.

It is a great animated movie using all hand drawn images much like Akira. If you loved Sci/Fi as well as racing you should enjoy!

If you have seen it then I would love to talk more about the universe and its cast of kooky characters.


I would love to own this car by the way. JP's sweet ride the Trans Am!

Jan 11, 20 at 2:45am

I love this movie, it's too bad there's not tons of amazing merch

uberemo @uberemo commented on Redline
Jan 11, 20 at 3:50am

amazing movie

Ghost @kuharido commented on Redline
Jan 11, 20 at 7:46am

Excellent film

CAC @cac commented on Redline
Jan 11, 20 at 8:36am

Loved it.


I agree especially with Kodabear's comment about the lack of merchandise! Like Hot Wheels didn't want to license a toy at least?

How come Evangelion and Attack on Titan gets sponsored by Schick razors?


Because why not! Anytime is a good time to talk about Redline.

Aleph-0 @alephy commented on Redline
Jul 17, 20 at 2:37pm

I felt the romance and ending was too rushed. I feel like this needs an anime series more then a movie. But overall good movie


I enjoyed the ambiguity as to whether Sonoshee and JP actually died at that finish line. If it were a traditional episodic series I'd wish them to maintain the viewer choice of interpretation.

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