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Advice on getting feedback


Hey I am writing and drawing a comic that is in it's early stages and know I need feedback and see if people are interested in it, but get paranoid about sharing it because the characters and story to me are very precious to me. was wondering if anyone ever had this dilemma before and have any advice. I did make an NDA to ease the paranoia but is there any other approaches people on here have too? Also if you would like to give feedback I will definitely discuss it with people.



Jan 09, 20 at 10:20pm

For the art, make a very fancy watermark. Think of like making it hard for someone to edit it out. For example, the following image is white and burring or smudging the name watermark out will make it look not theirs.

I do a little story writing, depending on the amount of writing and details, I would recommend sneaking your name in the writing multiple times in a sneaky pattern. For instance, if your name was Bob. The "b"unny "o"ff "b"obbled down the meadow or you can shape an art scene to spell out your name.

Jan 12, 20 at 6:15pm

I get the signature part, but for the writing portion advice that would make my work incoherent. What I am looking for is how to trust strangers with this idea i have been writing about and sharing with others

Jan 12, 20 at 6:50pm

Well it's really how you see the criticism, you just have to look at something and see if it's actual constructive criticism or just people being assholes so i don't think anyone can really answer that here because it's really up to you on how you perceive criticism

Jan 12, 20 at 10:33pm

Well Thats definitely how I try taking criticism in general. Im more talking about a project I have had in the works for awhile that I haven't shared yet. Not because of any criticism but because I don't know what kind of information about it I should share and what I shouldn't. Now having people sign and NDA has eased my paranoia a little bit, but I want to know what people think before I release the story.

Jan 14, 20 at 10:35pm

Honestly - I'd just trust people with it. It'd be very, very, rare where someone would maliciously put in the time and effort to plagiarize your entire story + work to put it into a publishable state, and even if someone decides to run off with your core concept, your stories should be different enough that it'll stand on its own anyway. Your call in the end, but I think the risk is so low to be near-zero.


There is no such thing as “original concept”

Everything is inspired or drawn from experiences and other materials the personal likes/has seen already.

As long as you’re not straight up copying something it’s all gucci

Jan 15, 20 at 9:29pm

@rinse alright. Will make a separate forum post for it would love to see what people think.

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