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What made you join the site?


Easy question, personally, because I wanted the person that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with to like anime as much as I do haha, I wanna be dirty weebs together xD

And because I still unironically like to use "xD"


I joined because it has been difficult to find a girlfriend at other websites and at conventions, and because people kept suggesting: "you should try an online dating site instead of creeping around at other places".
So I did a search and this was the only "otaku dating site" which had an active hyperlink and which was free to join.
And now here I am, having the exact same challenges and obstacles as I did at all the other places, and proving the advice-givers wrong as always.
I love proving people wrong.

Jo @casaiiiir commented on What made you join the site?
Jo @casaiiiir
Dec 02, 19 at 7:16pm

Joined for love
Stayed for nothing


Just wanted to find people around me that also is into the same type of things and would like to hangout.

I'm in the Boston area by the way ;)


To find love in the UK since I'll be moving there very soon. At the very least some good weeb friends like moi

Dec 02, 19 at 7:19pm

To meet a specific rock girl


Try something new

Dec 02, 19 at 7:34pm

Originally cause it was a dating site for weebs, but didnt see that working out right away based on both the ratio and the way people actually use it, so stayed for the friendships and to kill time with people who kinda have the same interests, or are just as weird as me..... well almost


Who you callin' weirdo Kurok? I am here for the thrill of the meme! I won't rest until I have been remembered as that guy with the hair and face. You know the one. He likes anime and won't stop talking even though you long since stopped caring! But enough about me what about you? NEVER FEAR! WHY? BECAUSE I AM HERE! AHAHAHA!



Dec 02, 19 at 8:04pm

Oh i was calling myself weird

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