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I lose the game, but will you.


The rules of the game are as follows:

1) Once you hear the second and third rule of the game you are playing the game NO EXCEPTION!!

2) IF you think about the game you have lost the game, you must then forget about the game after 15 mins, if you think about the game again you have once again lost the game (and so on and so forth)

3) When you have lost the game you must announce to everyone else that is playing the game stating your losing status (i lost the game) thus making them think about the game and lose the game.

This game must be handled with GREAT care as it will take over your life, there is no way around the game, you think about the game you lose, people stop trying to make loopholes...there is none!

mwahahahaha you are now playing/losing the game

Sep 11, 19 at 5:00pm

yeh it really lifted off dude

Sep 11, 19 at 5:01pm

I already lost this because of someone earlier today, I didn't need to lose twice.........

Sep 11, 19 at 5:03pm

I forgot the game and won

Sep 11, 19 at 6:53pm

I forgot also

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