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Inviting MHA fans to Saikoucon 2020

Nov 23, 19 at 12:23pm

I'm inviting 5 people to come with me to attend Saikoucon 2020. If you are interested in attending an interested in the Anime "My Hero Academia" you are more than welcome to join.

I'll have cosplays for the following characters
All Might

Mike from Saikoucon told me that since I'm inviting "MHA" Fans, he said he thinks We're gonna dig their "My Hero Prom" on the Friday of Saikoucon, They'll announce it fully after Thanksgiving.

If you have money, You are more than welcome to bring it if you wanna purchase clothing, posters, DVDs, books, and other good merchandise they have over there.

Message me if you wana join, Thank you


a convention that probably never happened


Poor guy didnt know what he was awaiting him the following year


China disagreed.

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