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Best Game Ever

Nov 13, 19 at 8:30pm

Witcher 3 is the best game..............and the only one with a worth buy dlc

Nov 13, 19 at 9:39pm

Witcher 3 is a very good game! Definitely one of my favorites. Right now Eso has my attention but will get back to witcher 3 when the phase ends.


>Not Final Fantasy VII
>Not Chrono Trigger
>Not Zelda: A Link to the Past
>Not Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
>Not GTA San Andreas
>Not Pokémon Gold/Silver

zehboy1 commented on Best Game Ever
Dec 01, 19 at 5:44am

Infamous 2 is my best game for sure. There's just so many good games out there

Dec 03, 19 at 4:42am

Naw fam, Shadow Hearts Covenant for PS2 is the real BGE!

[DERP] Rev commented on Best Game Ever
Dec 03, 19 at 5:05am

Fallout New Vegas
Fire Emblem Seisen No Keifu
Dragon's Dogma
Metro 2033

any of these

Laffantion commented on Best Game Ever
Dec 03, 19 at 5:20am

Cory in the House the game

Dec 04, 19 at 6:03pm

Superman 64 says hello

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