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Death Stranding

Nov 04, 19 at 6:07pm

So, it comes out this week. Whose gonna play it?

Nov 04, 19 at 8:43pm

I was.... til I saw the reviews...

Nov 04, 19 at 9:00pm

Really? Which ones were those?

Nov 04, 19 at 9:01pm

The general consensus on the game seems to be story 10/10, gameplay "divisive" since the actual gameplay is pretty unique

Nov 04, 19 at 9:06pm

The criticism about the gameplay was enough to steer me away from it being a day 1 purchase. Which works for me since I already have more unplayed games than I have time for. A similar thing happened with Days Gone with me. I'll play it eventually, and at a discounted price... and I think Death Stranding will end up being the same for me.

Fulcrum commented on Death Stranding
Nov 04, 19 at 9:07pm

It's gonna be one of those games that divide people

Nov 04, 19 at 9:14pm

Honestly, I would have bought it if I didn't import persona 5 royal that and red dead redemption 2 on pc, too many games this month really


So Hideo says his inspiration for Death Stranding, a game about attempting to unify a divided nation.... Was Donald Trump and Brexit....

Let that sink in. So apparently Based Kojima bought into the whole Globalism thing, even tho his prior works were Anti Globalist...

Nov 04, 19 at 9:20pm

Yea, I heard the same about the gameplay and that it might be a slow burn for some people at the start. However, I am still inquisitive, and I might not play the day of release. I'll still be playing it during the weekend. It'll certainly be a game unlike any other.

Nov 08, 19 at 8:49am

Well, I am downloading the game to my PS4 now. I cannot wait — also, @GodEmperorDaggerfella, interesting read, thanks.

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