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Which Kingdom Hearts Game Is Your Favorite?

Hello there everyone! How’s it going!? So then, Kingdom Hearts is my absolute favorite video game series of all time! It’s the game that got me into RPG’s as a whole, and I love it dearly! I own all the games and have numerous collectibles from keychains to books to figurines to cosplays! So then, which Kingdom Hearts game is your favorite or favorites? I love all of them, but III, Birth By Sleep, II and Dream Drop Distance are my top four favorites!
That is quite the passion! Kingdom hearts is so nice and lovely. My favorite of all the games probably had to of been Birth by sleep! Then KH2!
Would I get hate if I said I really liked 358/2 Days??? Kinda wish it was remade into a full game instead of the visual novel we got... Outside of that, Definitely KH2 stands at the top for me. Still like all the other games as well, just a fun series to replay over and over!
@usagichanu. That's awesome! Yes, the games are indeed great! @User#2. Oh no, not at all! Days is indeed an amazing game, with one of the most emotionally charged stories in the series! It's definitely feels worthy! Who knows? Perhaps one day we'll get a remake of it! And I agree, I could play these games over and over and never get tired! :3
https://i.redd.it/alnoltteuhk11.jpg In order from Greatest to Least: https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://www.mobygames.com/images/covers/l/628981-kingdom-hearts-playstation-2-manual.jpg https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 1. Kingdom Hearts One https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://i.etsystatic.com/11277520/r/il/398247/3740398179/il_794xN.3740398179_8h7j.jpg https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 2. Kingdom Hearts Two https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000395182719-ploctj-t500x500.jpg https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 3. Birth By Sleep https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://sm.ign.com/t/ign_ap/screenshot/default/976153_7f2q.1920.jpg https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 4. 358/2 https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/736x/13/fc/bb/13fcbbc29599cef01ddd3a9395cc80bd--v-games-best-games.jpg https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 5. Re: Chain of Memories https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://ngeeklife.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/kingdom-hearts-3d-dream-drop-distance-sora-riku-and-mickey.jpg https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 6. Dream Drop Distance https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://howlongtobeat.com/games/Kingdom_Hearts_III.jpg https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 7. Kingdom Hearts 3 https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://howlongtobeat.com/games/43237_Kingdom_Hearts__Back_Cover.jpg https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 8. X Back Cover https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg https://i.ani.me/0340/5085/screenshot_20221020-201820-273.png https://i.ani.me/0338/7334/grey.jpg 9. Re: Coded
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