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You ever look back...


You ever look back on anime/music you used to watch/listen to and just feel depressed because you remember how you felt during that time and now it's over or is that just me

Oct 21, 19 at 11:27pm

you mean like when you finish a really good story and you know youll never experience the same joy of wondering what happens next?

yeah, ofcourse, but there are more mangas, animes, books, movies and songs out there to discover and have that feeling all over again

i suppose we should be thankful too for our memories, and look on that joy fondly instead of enviously


Yeah I mean I was just looking back on some anime I watched back in 2013 and I can still remember how I felt immediately after I finished the series and it made me a little depressed

Oct 21, 19 at 11:45pm

always new anime out and always the memory of that feeling

mayhaps its not the anime itself your sad about, but looking back on that part of your life with fondness? searching youth kinda thing?


Yeah that's probably it, it makes me want to rewatch those series, but I don't have the time


I don't feel sad when I reminisce about old anime.

Oct 22, 19 at 4:57am

There are plenty of animes that I wish I hadn't seen just so I could watch again for the first time.

Oct 22, 19 at 2:59pm

We simply fill the void with another show and move on. But are we moving on or still chasing the feelings they gave us?

Oct 22, 19 at 9:23pm

just finished a really good book and now im depressed

not because i wish to read it again for the first time, but because i thought there was a sequel but that was the end ;-; i needed more ;-; was promised more ;-;

no way this next story will fill the void ;-; china sucks


I feel that some shows/books deserve more than they have but unfortunately will never get a continuation

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