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Bruce's Valediction, Gratitude, and Lovestory

[Bruce] Weeb with Style started Bruce's Valediction, Gratitude, and Lovestory
[Bruce] Weeb with Style
Oct 10, 19 at 1:25pm

Greetings Everyone. Here is Bruce, the weeb with style, the Slayer of Thots and the Vivid Nightmare of the Unjust. ^^

This is my goodbye to you, The MO community. I have decided to deactivate my account and take a very long break after this week.
Those have been short, but very pleasant and entertaining weeks, that I spent on the forum. I have met some very cool and interesting people along the way.

They have shown their sympathy and kindness even toward an arrogant and narcissistic asshole like me.
And I want to thanks all of you for that. I will remember those exiting and pleasant experiences.


I originally joined this website with the pure attention to troll and trigger people, I am a disgusting bully after all.
But then I have met someone who has changed me in a drastic way. I started to care about people and let them into my life.

Oh boy words can‘t explain how much I love this girl. She has awakened the feelings in me, That I thought I have killed a long time ago. Being in love with her was the most beautiful thing I have felt since 7 years.

However my gigantic Ego didn‘t allow it, to be emotional attach to someone, so I started to play games and toying with her, I ended up hurting her badly. The distance between us kept on expanding until a few days ago.

My crush told me that another guy has asked her out and she said yes. My heart stopped for a couple of seconds, my entire world was crumbling at that moment. She said to me, unlike me he was constant, he was always there for her and that is why she choose him over me. This hurt me so much, especially because I know now that she also had romantic feelings toward me. But my own arrogance has blinded me and I messed this up so horribly.

After a couple of painful nights. I have come to a conclusion. I will do the only reasonable and adult thing:.... Letting her go.

She insisted, that I stay around and be her friend. But I think everyone of you could tell, Why it is an impossible thing for me to do and a terrible and cruel thing to ask me. I will stop interacting with her from now on and I will not touch anything that remembers me of our times (sadly this includes MO)


It will take time for my undying love for her to fade, but lucky I am an experienced guy in dealing with threatening depression.

I will once more return to the other person who I care the most about, myself ... I will use the time, which is free from any distraction, to improve and further myself in life.

I will hit the gym every single fucking day and consume a shit-ton of books. To improve my social- and communication skills are definitely on my checklist. And most important of all, I also plan to invest to multiply my capital.

By the way to any of you who gonna say „ but Bruce! mONeY CAn‘T Buy yOu happINesS „
To which I say, you are perfectly right! Money can‘t buy happiness, but it can make things that make you unhappy go away!

that was all I needed to say. Once again I want to thank you all. I hope when I return I could see better and happier versions of yourself.

Thank you for reading, have a productive day.

Oct 10, 19 at 1:35pm

Take care of yourself, Bruce. Be well and good luck.


I wish you luck. Take care


Hope that tretcherous bih rots and you have a good time brother.


well the gurl is not at fault I would say... but yeah take care my asian dude

g̶a̶n̶g̶s̶t̶a̶ ̶b̶a̶b̶y̶ commented on Bruce's Valediction, Gratitude, and Lovestory
g̶a̶n̶g̶s̶t̶a̶ ̶b̶a̶b̶y̶
Oct 10, 19 at 2:12pm

I really hate going all public, but you didn‘t give me much of a choice since you aren‘t replying to my messages so here I am. I wasn‘t prepared for this and I am not the greatest with words so let‘s just skip it to the part where I admit you actually do need a break from this so called toxic place. in my opinion, it‘s no one‘s fault, it‘s just how life is. I do not really think it was her intention to break you like that, to see you in this state nor leaving your friends behind. also, between us weebs, you‘re probably not gonna say goodbye to her in a proper way (and you bet, she hella deserves it after all this time) I hope you will contact her when you get yourself healed and everything's gonna be alright just like the old times. not gonna say goodbye to you, because we are not finished. not yet.

Oct 10, 19 at 2:17pm

This isn't a girl on MO, is it? The time frame of seven years doesn't really match up.


Its okay bro take your time ^^


wait sometimes my english fails me... for 7 years means he was in love for 7 years or was it more like that the best feeling he has felt for the last 7 years... fuk me LOL now I suck at english... well always had always will be xDDDD

Oct 10, 19 at 2:20pm

The way he worded it means he's been in love for seven years.

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