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Looking for bf/gf

Oct 10, 19 at 11:31am

Even though I honestly don't think these will land me any results it's at least worth a shot.

I'm looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. My big two things are devotion and decisiveness. I don't want someone who's gonna disappear on me nor someone who is gonna take for ever to decide something. I want someone who's gonna be there and know what they want.

Oct 10, 19 at 1:04pm

im looking for one of those. i think a girl i cant remember

Oct 10, 19 at 1:05pm

no no siru *goat not girl. They're quite similar words though so good try

Oct 10, 19 at 1:07pm

oh ya thats what they are called

sten commented on Looking for bf/gf
Oct 10, 19 at 1:20pm

:c you are too old for me (i am 17) otherwise you seem like someone who would be perfect for me xD mostly because you seem to have the same mindset o.o

Toxic commented on Looking for bf/gf
Oct 10, 19 at 1:32pm

I wish you good luck.

Oct 10, 19 at 2:01pm

maybe an actual woman can confirm this but I've heard decisiveness isn't really their thing.

good luck anyway mate

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