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Anime Openings


Curious as to what everyones favorite anime openings are. One of my favorite of all time is Black Lagoons op, such an underrated anime I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it already!


One I love has to be Pandora Heart’s opening. I think that it’s somewhat underrated and I loved the manga.


I loved the Guilty crown opening, and elfen lied. Favorite openings


The Guilty Crown openings are soooo good, and yeah elfen lieds opening really sets the mood for the stuff you're about to witness while watching it lol

Oct 08, 19 at 2:45pm

my top 5 anime ops off the top of my head (not counting vn ops):

1. mob psycho 100

2. eden of the east

3. penguin drum

4. arakawa under the bridge

5. maid dragon

if I had more time to think about it my list would change but all of them are very good

Oct 08, 19 at 2:45pm

forgot to mention baccano which is ridiculously smooth and has no vocals

Oct 08, 19 at 2:46pm

Erased opening, Mob Msycho opening season 2 and Haikyuu opening season 3


I mean the show is scuffed... but domestic girlfriend opening was good as well

Oct 08, 19 at 2:52pm

i like cowboy bebops alot...

Oct 08, 19 at 3:36pm

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