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what anime “enlightens” you

So I just watched clips of Code Geass and I cried, I love this anime so much since I first saw it as a kid, do you guys know any anime that’s kind of similar to code geass? Lelouch will always be my crush
Definitely Guilty Crown. Very similar but not as good as Code Geass & also Aldnoah Zero.
I had a really spiritual exp watching ghost hound.
steins gate, and KADO the right answer both hit me with those theories that make you wonder about the universe and how it works. and AKB0048 got into my soul reallll good, and gave me feels, and i teared up here and there. joyful uplifting feels.
A lot of Studio Ghibli stuff.
Oct 07, 19 at 10:39pm
puella madoka magica is pretty good cause the chars all have competing philosophies
Fate Zero and Unlimited Blade Works changed my perspective on a lot of things, might be a bit unfair though since I played Visual Novel too.
For me elfen lied
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Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is one of my favorite anime in recent years, I actually loved that series to death. I'd highly recommend it too Though personally for me I'd say Legend of the Galactic Heroes, it was a great series that covered many political issues that are still relevant today. The large cast of characters all managed to receive development and if they didn't the story telling made you care about them and remember what their names were in one way or another also.
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