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Dad jokes

Sep 20, 19 at 7:37pm

idk if there is a thread like this but whatever. just post your best "dad jokes"
for example:

"why did the scarecrow get a promotion? because he was out-standing in his field!"

Lostvayne commented on Dad jokes
Sep 20, 19 at 8:12pm

what do you call a place with no honey or fish? Un-Bear-able!

Joaquin Stick commented on Dad jokes
Sep 20, 19 at 10:07pm

Why does a moon-rock taste better than an earth-rock?
Because it's a little meteor.

Joaquin Stick commented on Dad jokes
Sep 20, 19 at 10:13pm

Did you know that some alligators have been known to grow up to 15 feet?
Most only have 4.

Baka commented on Dad jokes
Sep 20, 19 at 10:24pm
This account has been suspended.
Sep 20, 19 at 10:41pm

As one grows older you'll lose 3 things. Your memory, and I forget the other 2.

KuroK commented on Dad jokes
Sep 20, 19 at 10:44pm

Today i screwed in a lightbulb, walked across the street, and went into a bar.
Just now realizing my life is a joke

melk commented on Dad jokes
Sep 21, 19 at 1:45am

Oi I love dad jokes! Instafollow.

So a pirate walks in to a bar with a steering wheel in his pants. The bartender looks and says to him "You know you got a steering wheel in your pants?"
The pirate says "Yarr. It's driving me nuts"

BILLIE EILISH[FALLEN] commented on Dad jokes
Sep 21, 19 at 2:38am

Not a dad joke but

*asks something to mom*

ask dad

*ask the same thing to dad and mom said to ask you*

ask mom

Aya commented on Dad jokes
Sep 21, 19 at 2:46am

Why is 19 afraid of 20?
Because they got into a fight once and 21.

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