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Has anyone learnt Japanese and knows how to listen, read and write it?

Kanji is the worst, but I learn a lot by listening to music and seeing the kanji and how it's pronounced to then use it in that context. I use Jisho.com, Imiwa app and I practice with LingoDeer for everyday grammar and speaking.
@Nekomimi Here's an example I thought of: Let's say that you're trying to say "I went to a convenience store" in most cases that sentence in Japanese would go like "コンビニに行ってました" (Conbini ni ittemashita) so first you have the subject which is the convenience store, the action that was taken which was going there and then you have your particle that makes the action of "going" in the past tense. Since the phrase in Japanese that expresses movement ("iku/yuku" 行く) varies depending on the context and and inflection. Like "iku/yuku" alone just means to go, move, to head towards something. If you add an inflection though like "itta" (行った) that means you went in the past tense. Lastly the "mashita" added at the end is sort of a sentence ender that doubles down on the past tense action that was taken. It's the past-tense inflection of -masu which you use to indicate that you're taking an action.
yep I was so bored one day that i though "i should take japanese lessons" and i sepd a good 2 months xD so i sorta read it (hiragana only) and kinda understand it
5 years and still studying. Slow as a turtle, but my teacher, her husband and friends in Japan are very impressed. But, I feel like making more study times while excusing as many interruptions to reach fluent level.
My grammar is terrible(cuz i learned most grammar of modern Japanese within one month in a rush) ,so I’d rather not text in Japanese.Kanji is totally okay,according to a certain test the number of kanji/Chinese characters I understand is around 7000 thanks to my interest in etymology/linguistics;also I’ve those Middle Chinese words used in Japanese. 五月蝿い /urusai is vivid,right?Flies In lunar calendar’s May are quite noisy.I loved to get these words by reading scripts of otome games. 饅頭/まんじゅう/manju;in Wu dialect/in Japanese it is called 呉語, steamed buns are still called 饅頭/馒头(traditional Chinese;Simplified Chinese),I saw interesting connections heh
I've been learning for the past few weeks and am concentrating right now learning the Kanji, because they can have different meanings and translations depending on what they are paired with. Memorizing the Hiragana and Katakana is a piece of cake in comparison, and I can read them almost fluently. But I only know a handful of words and fewer still sentences. It's a long process.
I love this channel(a Japanese person's)~~The linguist is amazing~~ http://youtu.be/AfYWzpE4y3o http://youtu.be/nS4IlqNqp38
AH SHIT, I left it last minute and now theres no more spaces.
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