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How did you find maiotaku?

Sep 12, 19 at 6:44am

I'm curious. Me, I've found a post about it on - an imageboard for women. I'm not really a weeb but I'm interested in people so I decided to give it a try; also, some of your anime recommendations are good.

Sep 12, 19 at 6:49am

I was searching "Anime dating" and the first thing that came up was MaiOtaku, so I joined and I like it on here!^^

Sep 12, 19 at 6:52am

I did my yearly routine of gags with checking in on Fakku dating to find out it was nowhere to be found. I looked up on YouTube on what happened to Fakku! Dating and was pretty sad about it shutting down, then a video by the same youtuber followed about a similar site.

"MaiOtaku? Oh, I'll give this a go then."

Sep 12, 19 at 6:54am

Yep, same thing for me, found about MaiOtaku when I found that Fakku had shuted down xddd

Sep 12, 19 at 6:59am

Used the Google.


An acquaintance from another social website introduced it to me :D, because I love anime and crosscultural communication~

llemurr commented on How did you find maiotaku?
Sep 12, 19 at 7:15am

I was told by a friend, who ironically has never used it.

Sep 12, 19 at 7:21am

Google spat it out to me when I was looking for people to talk about anime with, like 3 years ago. Then I forgot about, and found it again by chance.

Sep 12, 19 at 8:31am

So I typed weeb dating, first result was this, this is how I was birthed on this site

Acacia commented on How did you find maiotaku?
Sep 12, 19 at 8:32am

Actually same.

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