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Favorite Zelda Game/Character?

ChibiGanondorf @chibiganondorf started Favorite Zelda Game/Character?
ChibiGanondorf @chibiganondorf
Sep 11, 19 at 4:03am

I love the Zelda series more than anything, and wanna meet like minded people who like discussing it!


Revali was a favourite of mine. So many games and so many asskissing characters that worshipped the ground I stood on for no reason. It was nice to meet an asshole.

But Ghirahim is just too Bowie not to be my favourite.

ChibiGanondorf @chibiganondorf commented on Favorite Zelda Game/Character?
ChibiGanondorf @chibiganondorf
Sep 11, 19 at 4:50am

I love Revali as well as Ghirahim, but Ganondorf is my all time fave.


Probably Midna because she's such a sassy pants


Wind Waker is my all time favorite Zelda game. I'm currently playing the HD version and its still as good as i remember.

azzajit @azzajit commented on Favorite Zelda Game/Character?
azzajit @azzajit
Sep 17, 19 at 3:28pm

I liked the new zelda in BOTW. Also the ganondorf look from OT.


Breath of the Wild is the best game.

The title of best character goes to Skull Kid. We need more tragic characters like him.


Haven't played BotW yet so for me it's between OoT and Minish Cap.

As for my favorite character, it's gotta be this magnificent bastard hands down

Freaking love the song of storms / windmill hut theme lol


CD-i games, hands down.


But I think BotW is my favorite, with OOT, ALBW, And WW coming in a close 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

I love all Zelda games tho.


Lillian from Zelda Rugrats Adventure has some kinda charm about her that is just unreal I must say. I'd have to say that she is probably my favorite character from Legend of Zelda.

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