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omg fire force is amazing

Aug 16, 19 at 9:11pm

i just finished the first episode and i'm already floored qwq
i have always loved soul eater, so i was excited to hear about this new series
i definitely suggest it!!! nwn

Aug 16, 19 at 9:12pm

I havent started it yet but ive been told to soo many times. Is it worth starting now and having to wait week to week? or should i just wait for the full thing and binge. I want opinions cause i cant decide

Aug 16, 19 at 9:14pm

I'm a few episodes in. Only fire powers is a bit dull but I'm gonna finish it.

Aug 16, 19 at 9:16pm

It's been pretty good so far, if you have trouble waiting week to week than this one would be better to binge since character relations and backstories build off of cliffhangars at the end of each episode.

Aug 16, 19 at 9:17pm

I feel like its heavily influenced by soul eater. The art style seems the same, protagonist with sharp teeth just like soul. Skulls used alot like in soul eater, one of the characters even look like maka. I havent done any research on the author but i think he prob saw soul eater or worked on it.

Aug 16, 19 at 9:27pm

Its by the same studio as soul eater isnt it?

Aug 16, 19 at 9:28pm

Same author I'm pretty sure

Aug 16, 19 at 9:39pm

i had no idea thanks for the info

Aug 16, 19 at 10:03pm

fire force is indeed by the same author of soul eater!!
now it is not animated by bones, the studio that animated soul eater
instead it is david production, mainly known for jojo's bizarre!!
the more you knoooow qwq

Aug 16, 19 at 10:09pm

I love it a lot. I’m a little behind though- I think I’m on episode 3? Either way, I love it so much. It’s extremely underrated since promare stole the firefighter hype.

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