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Bets boy/girl in the Persona Series?


Who’s your favorite male/female characters?

Aug 16, 19 at 8:55pm

Futaba Sakura, hands down is my favorite female, I love that girl >-<
As for the favorite male, I'm between Junpei and Yusuke, but I'm more inclined to say Yusuke xddd


I ussually don't have crush on anime character
But Mitsuru-Senpai have made me forget it

Aug 17, 19 at 7:36am

It change everytime I watch a new anime :3


Aigis is best toaster


Haven't played much of the Persona games at all but what I have played I really enjoyed it. I would say Ann Takamaki for uh, obvious reasons.

Aug 18, 19 at 11:07am

I've only played P5, and I wasn't even able to finish it, idfc if I sound cliche but--

*God, he's so hot, especially with his glasses q-q*


Ann,She's my favorite.


The way she is flailing those sparklers looks so derpy, lulz. Never played Persona so I couldn't really pick. Isn't there a tomboy in the series?

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