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do you believe in aliens?

Aug 14, 19 at 7:19pm

please give me essays
i love to hear wild theories lol

personally, ofc we're not alone but i doubt we've been visited before
but those theory shows are wild lmao

Aug 14, 19 at 7:22pm

I think if any race able to travel here would be smart enough not to interact with us in any direct way. No offense to humans.

Aug 14, 19 at 7:24pm

I just think that life on Earth was pure sheer luck, it wasn't supposed to happen but it happened anyway :P

Baka commented on do you believe in aliens?
Aug 14, 19 at 7:27pm
This account has been suspended.
Aug 14, 19 at 7:28pm

@grump omg why
i think every intelligent species will be curious!!

Aug 14, 19 at 7:31pm

There's a good chance they exist, but with the way cellular structures are there wouldn't be any real sustainable way for them to travel this distance unless it was from planet to planet over many Many years, as well they would have to hit that small chance of evolving in a similar manner to humans to do that anyways.

Aug 14, 19 at 7:48pm

The more important questions is do aliens believe in you.

Aug 14, 19 at 7:54pm

what if, since we're humans and we think of them as aliens.... what if they think that they were humans themselves, and thought of us as aliens! *insert illuminati music here*

Aug 14, 19 at 7:56pm

What if aliens are just humans from parallel universes?

Aug 14, 19 at 7:57pm

Yes. I believe cats are alien gadgets. Sent to spy on humans.

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