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Favorite Studio Ghibli Film?

eternallunar1 started Favorite Studio Ghibli Film?
Aug 03, 19 at 1:45am

Okay, so not sure if this has been done before... But, since I've done a few Disney threads I thought why not one on the Studio Ghibli films? Has anyone have a particular favorite Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli film that you love with a passion? Welp, this is what this thread is about! I'd love to hear everyone's favorite Ghibli film that really stuck with you personally and why you love it.
But I'll begin first.

So for those who may or may not know, I love Studio Ghibli movies. They're all such fantastic pieces of art, and I have a huge mad respect for Hayao Miyazaki. His films been the main reason why I fell in love with animation/ and even anime in general when I was just a 14 year barely entering high school. That summer before High School began, I watched a couple of his films on television. But one would happen to become my all time film. That film was Laputa: A Castle in the Sky.

I loved the score by Joe Hisaishi and I love his music as a composer as a whole. But his work on Castle in the Sky is in my opinion one of the best he's ever done because it's just so memorable and you feel like it's this grand legend just listen to this cinematic piece "Carrying You."

It describes everything without words and it's very powerful stuff.

The story is constantly interesting and engaging, so many different moods, atmosphere, and it's even spiritual in a sense. I love all of the characters they're so likable and fun characters. I could go on on and on about this movie, but it's just an unforgettable timeless classic fantasy film.

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