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Favorite MMORPGS

Jul 28, 19 at 1:47pm

Let’s hear them all!:)

Jul 28, 19 at 1:51pm

Runescape, Ragnarok Online, FFXIV.

Jul 28, 19 at 1:56pm

FFXIV, TERA Online and Blade and Soul by playtime. Though just FFXIV atm

Jul 28, 19 at 1:57pm

ESO, SWTOR and Runescape.

zah commented on Favorite MMORPGS
Jul 28, 19 at 3:08pm

Runescape, nothing else comes close

Friendly commented on Favorite MMORPGS
Jul 28, 19 at 3:17pm

TERA is pretty fun O:

Jul 28, 19 at 3:49pm

I'm having a lot of fun with SoulWorker, loved the game so far.

Jul 28, 19 at 4:05pm

I always loved Grand Fantasia :D (I really love the look of everything)


Aura Kingdom was also fine, just like Blade and Soul.

My most current favorite is ofc FFXIV x3

Adairec commented on Favorite MMORPGS
Jul 29, 19 at 5:11am

Runescape will always be my favorite one <3

Jul 29, 19 at 5:16am

For me it has to be ESO, Elsword/void elsword, as well as Grand Fantasia it was one of my first mmorpgs I played and I had a lot of fun playing as a paladin which kinda leads me to wanting to play tanky support classes if I can find them in games.

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