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Dr. Stone anime

Jul 19, 19 at 11:43am


So after watching the 3rd episode of Dr.stone i have come to the conclusion its trash

The main villian kills people for no reason, protagonist try to stop him from learning revival secret...finds out immediately. Protagonist then try to defeat him and he doesnt make an attempt to kill them (since they ARE trying to stop him and he already knows how to revive people), protaginist runs away...he instantly knows they are trying to make "weapons of science" and i qoute cuz he repeated it word for word. Not "they are making a gun" or "trying to stop me" he also then figures out the exact location they went smh lazy writting at its finest. Everything was fine until this recent episode and they just screw it up.

As for the characters senku is cocky as hell for no goddamn reason. Also while being a self-proclaimed genius who knows everything he doesnt know how to solve the problem they are faced with. Choosing to revive his friend's love interest over someone who idk could fight the villian? Or making traps instead of a gun. Cuz in all seriousness the guy is fast enough to dodge an arrow he can just get to you before you can line up a shot (which none of you probably shot a gun)

Thr muscle headed dude is just stupid for no reason, despite being super strong he isnt even a match for the main villain

Villain, think his name was tsukasa? He has the intelligence of senku with strength above the other dude, kills the adults to be edgy cuz some drunk dude beat him, doesnt think that the kids would want to know what happened to their parents let alone retaliate when they find out, everything about him is just hardcore trying to force him into a villain role

Tldr: Pretty lazy writting tbh

Jul 19, 19 at 11:55am

I kinda half expected this from someone who liked re:zero

Jul 19, 19 at 11:56am

Re:zero a masterpiece tho. I can break down that anime and all its flaws and everything but it still would never reach this anime's level of lazy writing


rip looks like panda never read the manga... lazy ass

Jul 19, 19 at 11:58am

--------SPOILER WARNING-----------It gets better. The only reason Tsukasa realized their plan was due to not underestimating Senku. As for the location part, he did not figure out the exact location, but only the direction of due west. So it's not exact locational knowledge as of right now. Yet! The internal struggle is only one of the upcoming problems for the protagonist Senku. As for Taiju the meat head, he chose to pick Yuzuriha to revive, because well yeah he is in love with her. However, if Senku told him no in front of Tsukasa, and went out to find a stronger (not yet destroyed by Tsukasa) petrified human then Tsukasa would immediately know what their intentions were against his ideals. Thus, Tsukasa would have simply tailed them to the other stone human and before they revived him destroyed him in a second to prevent the plan. Then it's the case of Tsukasa's ideal world...he wishes to "purify" humanity before revival which means he will murder all of the petrified adults even if they were good people. If he succeeds then more than 60% of humanity will be destroyed by Tsukasa if he wins this internal struggle.It is more complicated than what most shows. Reminds me of Death Note. Just keep watching it, and be open minded Panda.

Jul 19, 19 at 11:58am

@Gdmh what part of anime only do you not understand XD ANIME REVIEW not manga lol

Jul 19, 19 at 11:59am

My only complaint is all these fucking highschool kids are practically from Hopes Peek academy
The ultimate scientist
The ultimate laborer
The ultimate Prime Ape
The ultimate sewing machine
The ultimate pilot
These fucking children are too op


well sorry than if you review an anime in it's entiety of 2 eps xDDDD

ey eyey you forgot the ULTIMATE BUTLER ?OWO
I feel like she is a ref to 2 another animes black butler and hayase no gotoku xD

Jul 19, 19 at 12:00pm

There’s a lot more to the anime and the best character has yet to appear


Jul 19, 19 at 12:01pm

I read that as OLD FARTSMAN

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