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Video games you find obscure


You know how there's that one game you really like yet no one else you know seems to like? This is basically a thread to discuss a few games that has remained close to you even if it's not hugely popular or well liked. Anyways, I'll start this off!

So, for the longest time I've always found Dark Cloud on the PS2, the original game pretty underrated. I loved this game a great deal when it came out in the early 2000. I used to play it sometimes with my neighbor since I didn't own the game originally or a PS2 I eventually got my own copy of the game around high school, but none of my friends in high school seemed to like it. They always found it boring for some reason? And I mean that is kind of true, the grinding aspect of Dark Cloud can be repetitive. It's like an RPG except you're not leveling up your character's levels instead you're leveling up your party members unique weapons into the strongest weapon possible. I don't know, I've just always found this concept really fascinating. And the fact that you can recreate different towns that were destroyed however you want and there's story events that happen in between. It was a pretty unique game for the time!

As for the other game, If you cannot tell by my profile icon, and even my username I'm a massive fan of the Lunar series. It's a series of games that have remained dear to me and I don't really often see folks talk about them. There's probably a small fanbase, but it's not huge compared to other series. I'm very picky when it comes to JRPGs. Lots of people love Final Fantasy, or the Tales of series. Yet somehow, I've always been drawn towards the Lunar games. There's something about the humor, the amount of forth wall jokes in the NPC dialogues, but it still manages to be goofy, lighthearted and having serious good dramatic storytelling. The characters are incredibly likable and interesting in the way they're written. I also really love how simple the mechanics are for a JRPG. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue especially is my all time favorite game for all of those reasons alone and more.

davidm commented on Video games you find obscure
Jul 14, 19 at 10:30pm

You know that dinosaur game that google lets you play when you can't connect to the internet? I once stayed disconnect for 17 hours so I could grind out a new high score. I almost got past the first jump :)

~~Cthulhu fhtagn!~~

Jul 14, 19 at 10:32pm

One of my favorite games, if not my favorite, was one that I rarely hear people mention. When I was young I loved the game called "The Mystical Ninja 'Starring Goemon' ", but I never knew anybody that had even heard of it growing up. A couple friends of mine also had N64s, but they mainly had the basics, Golden Eye, Mario Kart/Party, and Smash Bros. My game was real weird though, and I still love it to this day, now knowing that some others recognize it as a good title as well.

Jul 14, 19 at 10:38pm

Oh man I love hidden gems and obscure stuff. Amazing Island on gamecube is really good. You make your own monster and customize it with patterns and accessories. You can literally draw it in 3d and draw its colors too. Then you compete in events to defeat Black Evil and the darkness thingies.

Baka commented on Video games you find obscure
Jul 14, 19 at 10:45pm
This account has been suspended.
Jul 14, 19 at 11:44pm

Loved the N64 version of Forsaken. That game is so unique and is just cool to look at although it is beyond difficult. To this day I have yet to meet someone else who has played it.

Jul 15, 19 at 12:58am

Oh yeah, The Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon... I remember watching the opening theme on youtube many times way back in the day. It's sung by the amazing Hironobu Kageyama, and it's still pretty awesome even now. I seriously always wanted to play that game so badly, but never had an N64 growing up.

By the way, really interesting responses so far everyone! XP

Jul 15, 19 at 1:13am

I've never known the name of the artist to the song, so now I'm gonna have to look in to his music. That opening theme is always something nice to listen to as well, especially for a quick bit of motivation for stuff.

Jul 15, 19 at 1:24am

He's really well known for singing the openings for the japanese version of DBZ. Head Cha la, and We Gotta Power. But he's also one of the main singers for this band called Jam Project. But yeah check em out, really great stuff!

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