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That song you like to repeat

Jul 03, 19 at 7:31pm

Yet another music thread. We all have those songs that we hit the repeat button on. There is a reason we do this, and it is to chase the feeling a certain song brings. Maybe you're gaming and need a certain amount of hype. Maybe you just got out of a serious relationship. Maybe this is that work out song that just gets you pumped. Or maybe, the song just makes you feel genki af.

Name a song you've repeated, A LOT! Go.

Jul 03, 19 at 7:43pm

hotel california!! it's one of the best songs in the world hehe c:

pana commented on That song you like to repeat
Jul 03, 19 at 8:16pm

That is a nice song. A song that I love lately a lot is called "A breeze from Home". first heard it from the videogame and just been listening to it ever since.


It's soooooo powerful! How can you not stop singing and listening!?

IDC commented on That song you like to repeat
Jul 03, 19 at 9:07pm
This account has been suspended.
Jul 03, 19 at 9:30pm

This makes me feel comfortably alert behind the wheel when entering a medium-sized urban area from a rural one. Other versions for more extreme areas and busier times.

Jul 04, 19 at 12:27am

Jul 04, 19 at 12:34am

Lmao...I can't.


I had so many songs on repeat...
but this is the ONE right now constant repeat if I need a repeat song...
ポロロッカハーツ by (ナユタン星人 feat. 初音ミク)


I don't ever have one song that I'm looping!! I usually have something by Dance Gavin Dance on, and recently, stuff by Myth & Roid, like L.L.L., Rememberance, and Voracity! :)

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