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if i was a mad scientst


this is a game i thought about trying out...
basically you just say, if i was a mad scientist i would, "and then say what you'd do as a mad scientist...
i'll start...
if i was a mad scientist i would bio genetically engineer a 1,346 foot hentai tentacle monster just to laugh and watch it rape bitches into ecstasy, just so i can stick a syringe in it that contains a molecular decay and degenerator just so i can say i saved the day

Jul 11, 19 at 10:09pm


i cant think of a better thing to make as a mad scientist

i think you won the thread

. commented on if i was a mad scientst
Jul 11, 19 at 10:25pm

Yea, game over. You’ve won.

Acacia commented on if i was a mad scientst
Jul 11, 19 at 10:33pm

If I were a Mad Scientist!

I'd create a massive underground Lab in the australian desert. It would be the utmost secret place in the world where I work primarily on two projects! Project WEAVER, the development of counter military and civilian suppression automatons. Set my underground factories to be completely autonomous and pump out robots and drones for the sole purpose of subdueing Australia.

Next Project CANOPY! My ultimate creation that would kick off my master plan! A mighty electromagnetic generated dome to cover all of Australia. No large metal objects will be able to pass through and all complex electronics will be rendered inoperable once they pass through the field. I'll make this field cut all connections to the outside world. My robot army will take the country while the world goes into disarray. Exports to China will sieze, Wall Street will plummet and I will seize the country.

With Australia being completely localised our economy will explode as the bulk our resources are no longer siphoned off by foreign companies. We'll resume trade through low-tech wooden barges between the Northern Territory and Indonesia. I'll use my mastery of autonomy to build up the infrastructure and increase the military, mining, agricultural and research capabilities of Australia. I'll augment myself with cybernetics and biosciences to the point of immortality and become the nation's god emperor. Once we have built up our strength to the point of being the undisputed super power we will dissipate Project CANOPY and conquer the planet.

Then we conquer the stars and so on.

Jul 12, 19 at 3:23am

I ama mad scientist, it so COOOOLU, sunuvabich

Jul 12, 19 at 3:29am

I would produce Inators the whole time and some platypus with hat would always destroy them.

Jul 12, 19 at 3:58am

I will first get my youth back... then create countless of clones of myself with whom I will start to work on researches on Animal. Then I will create a large number of species through evolution process... they shall know my Lab as "The House of Evolution".


Jul 12, 19 at 4:19am

Create a new SIMS game with the sole purpose of mining as much data about human personality and emotion as possible. A.I. NPCs will be dynamically programmed to create scenarios that force the player to make tough choices if there are uncertainties about parts of their psyche. The more you play the more scenarios are created and we learn what you would do in certain situations and why. Since I am a mad scientist I wouldn't use it to become rich or take over the world. I would simply relish in the thought that I know you completely and thoroughly. I would know how you think, your principles, and exactly what you would do in any situation. I would own you. <3

Jul 12, 19 at 7:17am

house of cosby

its a house.....
a house....
of cosby!

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