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Person 5 Royal!

May 11, 19 at 11:47am

Recently finished P5 and it is officially my most favorite game ever it is so amazing!

Who else is hyped for Royal?

What additions are you looking forward to?


I'm already excited just from hearing that they're planning to make P5R and even bigger expansion of the game than Persona 4 Golden was. and P4G added a ton of new stuff outside of the obvious things like new story arcs, new personas, etc

I'm mainly excited to see how the new character is going to fit into the story, I wasn't a huge fan of Marie in P4G since she seemed kinda shoehorned in. :u

May 11, 19 at 7:32pm

Yeah I heard it was gonna be bigger than P4G. I'm currently watching a playthrough of P3FES so I dont really know to much about P4 yet.

I am really interested to see Kasumi's role. Makoto is still gonna be best girl most likely lol.

redreaper33 commented on Person 5 Royal!
Jun 05, 19 at 8:11am

Not too interested myself. I think p5 wasnt anywhere near as good as p3 or p4. Though the director of golden is working on this so he might be able to make it more interesting.

Onizuka commented on Person 5 Royal!
Jun 05, 19 at 8:14am

If it comes to Switch or PC I will certainly get it. Can't really justify a PS4 purchase just for it though.

Jun 05, 19 at 9:18am

It’s a wonderful game. Tho the pacing is a tad annoying and it’s artificial freedom at the start is a pain but, still 10/10 game to play through.

Jun 19, 19 at 1:34am

I’m working on 3 and I’ve played the crap out of 5. I really don’t want to buy the full game again for $60, I wish they’d just release the additional content from Royal as DLC. Milkin dat cash from dem teets boi. 5 never felt boring to me. It’s a massive game to play through as far as content, different story options, and the time it takes to get through the game, but it never got stale. The soundtrack was a downright masterpiece, and the characters were all likeable. Some more than others, but none the less. I’ve got Persona 3 and 4 to get through as well as SM Nocturne, but more than anything I’m excited to see what they do with Persona 6!

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