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Rhythm Game General

Mar 17, 19 at 12:21pm

DDR, Audition Online, Elite Beat Agents, OSU, Beat Saber. Patapon Remastered, Papa Rappa, Bust a Groove.

Any Rythem Game!! What have you played, are you playing, want to play? Stories and memories, favorite songs or games. Just a place to share your thoughts!

... probably will end up all about osu
(ノω・`o) But that’s ok

Mar 17, 19 at 12:50pm

A little while ago I tried out emulating Vib Ribbon, and you can still load in the songs you want like you can on the console. I mostly tried it with Idolm@ster songs but it was a lot of fun

Baka commented on Rhythm Game General
Mar 17, 19 at 12:55pm

I’ve never heard of Vib ribbon! What’s it like

I’ve been looking to play through patapon again! It’s such an adorable game with very repetitive cute noises.


I've mainly been playing DJMax Respect, quality game and series in general. If you haven't played any of the DJMax games I'd heavily recommend them, they're always just full of so much content, especially respect since it's pretty much a celebration of the series and brings together old and new in one big package+plus dlc expansions that add even more content

Mar 17, 19 at 1:12pm

Half life 3 confirmed!? No? Wrong thread? Proceeds to awkwardly walk out the door

Baka commented on Rhythm Game General
Mar 17, 19 at 1:14pm

Never heard of DJ max either.. so many games I’ve missed out on orz

Half life 3 is being released when Kingdom Hearts 3.5 remix drops


Parapapa the rappa is still by far my favorite when it comes to having a fresh beat especially the first level of the game.

Mar 18, 19 at 11:08am


Mar 18, 19 at 10:24pm

No Rhythm Heaven mentions? Shame on you guys! Dunno if any of you have played Thumper, but its a super challenging "rhythm" game thats really intense; highly recommended. Honestly my favorite.

Mar 19, 19 at 11:23am

Ok ill be honest. But this is a secret between me and you Clod....and possibly hundreds of other members from MO. I've always wanted to try dance dance revolution. But don't tell anybody K

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