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Anyone watching "That Time I got reincarnated as a Slime?"

I recently started to watch it and I really like it!
I was watching it every week last season, it's a really fun one! I haven't been keeping up this season though, college started and took so much time, I really want to catch up on that one.
Yeah I’ve only watch till episode 19 it’s a good show predator is very OP
*Raises hand* Meee, I'm pretty much 100% caught up so I'll be advised not to say too much since you said you've recently started to watch it.
Hell you dude, makes me feel all good inside.
me me me me me me ... .em .. me? [yes he likes it]
This account has been suspended.
At least he’s not Overlord OP the demon lords still seem to be equal or stronger at the moment
Speaking of Overlord ... I love how in last ep .. it was truly shown how inhumane he become... How truly evil and powerfull he is ... ..at the same time he still hopes there are others from 'IRL' out there that just hide how powerfull they are... so maby he will find proper opponent ..maby ;p
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