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What is your favorite romantic anime or manga?


seriously there is so many animes with a romantic story to it and so many mangas that have a good story that is a long time coming.
I think my favorite manga that has a romantic aspect to it would have to be City Hunter because if you don't know the chemistry between Ryo and Kaori in the Manga Plus in the anime then you are truly missing out on a couple that wish it but can't do it....or can't they? (yeah I'm not trying to spoil anything for anybody that might want read it.)
And my favorite romantic anime without a shadow of a doubt would go to ef: a tale of melodies. so if any of you have a favorite anime that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside with someone that you like or make you feel those feelings to express that to someone that you care about very much then tell us down below.



Lovely Complex

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying<<<<<Only anime I've ever found about a married couple. It's also funny

Nodame Cantabile.

Kare Kano(His or Her Circumstances)

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