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Anyone plays Smash?

Feb 07, 19 at 6:02pm

I just love the game series.

Feb 07, 19 at 6:20pm

I play, but not very often cause of work >.> One of my best childhood friends introduced me to brawl and we played that game to death every day after school. I never got smash 4 but I picked up ultimate recently, its pretty fun. Tho I wish the campaign was better

kratos10987 commented on Anyone plays Smash?
Feb 08, 19 at 12:30am

I play smash ultimate. I'm not amazing, but I can hold my own.

Whisp commented on Anyone plays Smash?
Feb 08, 19 at 12:34am

I still need a switch first

Feb 08, 19 at 12:35am

I do, I don't have the new one. But I do own melee brawl and 4. I play all of them from time to time.

Feb 08, 19 at 6:46pm

I play it, it's a fun game. Much better then sf5 imo.

Feb 08, 19 at 7:51pm

hella funnnn, let's share friend codes and level up :D

Feb 08, 19 at 11:43pm


Feb 10, 19 at 10:06pm

Yes I do! I’m not the best, but I really enjoy myself playing it at least! ^_^

Feb 12, 19 at 4:05pm

Avid smash player. Quite good once I get past the anxiety of actually going online. Definitely prefer playing for fun rather than playing super seriously though. Like, expect me to completely throw the game just for giggles. >:3

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