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AX 2019. Who's going?

Jan 18, 19 at 2:21am

I'm going and it will be the first time that I will cosplay. Who else is going? Maybe we can have a group meet or something. I'm holding you to your word Friendly that we will meet.

Jan 18, 19 at 11:08am

woop, hewl yeeeee.

Jan 18, 19 at 12:54pm

I’m going this year(my second time)

Jan 18, 19 at 1:16pm

It's my second time too! My first time was in 2017. I wanted to go again in 2018, but I had no friends to go with that year. Now that I know a few people on here who say that they are going, I will definitely be showing up

Jan 20, 19 at 7:15pm

Woooop, can't freaking wait for this.

Jan 23, 19 at 2:22am

will you be cosplaying from bnha? I know I am this coming AX since I missed my chance in 2018 loool

Jan 23, 19 at 4:08am

I will be cosplaying as Deku! I'm so excited to go to AX 2019 that I just might die

Jan 23, 19 at 3:19pm

I'll be there, probably either Saturday or Sunday! I'm down for a group meet!

Jan 23, 19 at 5:55pm

Aaaaaaye, make sure to check this thread around June and we'll most likely do that meetup. Yeeee

Jan 23, 19 at 10:06pm

Yooo I'm down for the group meetup. I'm also cosplaying Uraraka so I'm excited ;w;

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