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Best Sports Anime?


What is your favorite sports animu?

Tabris commented on Best Sports Anime?
Jan 02, 19 at 1:19pm

Captain Tsubasa
Only sports anime I've watched so by definition its the best and worst I've seen.

Jan 02, 19 at 1:42pm

I don't watch lots of sport anime but Megalobox was great. I'm currently watching Initial D and I love it so far so if driving count as a sport, I'd say it's potential favorite sport anime for me.

Jan 02, 19 at 6:57pm

Recently I enjoyed Harukana Receive, mainly because watching Haikyuu!! made me like volleyball xD

Jan 05, 19 at 3:35am

really enjoyed MegaloBox and Big Windup was a guilty pleasure

Lamby commented on Best Sports Anime?
Jan 05, 19 at 4:36am

i second megalo

and raise a haikyuu

ballroom e youkoso

run with the wind

wait i mean

and yuri on ice

i love the trend of alternative sports animes

ill also recommend hikaru no go, a really good anime/manga about the game Go, but its really good (if esports is a thing then do is japanese chess)

Jan 05, 19 at 6:32am

I hate basketball but Slam Dunk is good. Other good ones: Knock out,One outs,Major,Megalo Box and Welcome to ballroom.

Jan 05, 19 at 8:01am

Ok did someone said Slam Dunk? Good taste!

Lynes commented on Best Sports Anime?
Jan 05, 19 at 9:18am

Eyeshield 21

Kuroko no Basket




Diamond no Ace


Yowamushi Pedal

Ookiku Furikabutte

Air Gear

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