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Need dank romance anime


Has anyone got any good recommendations on good romance anime that actually has romance in it


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun was not bad.

Dec 31, 18 at 10:10pm

That actually looks pretty good thank you

Dec 31, 18 at 10:29pm

What other genre do you like? :) I mean, romance only, romcom, yuri, and things like that

Dec 31, 18 at 10:38pm

I love any anime with romance I'm sucker for that stuff first but the sister stuff no and action/romance is my main go to stuff more like devils line it's great but I haven't strayed far from the typical rom animes just getting back into again

judgmentoftherain commented on Need dank romance anime
Jan 01, 19 at 6:17pm
This account has been suspended.
Jan 01, 19 at 6:55pm

Ahem, here's one of my guilty pleasures I hope you enjoy
Kuzu no Honkai at heart represents the ugliness of human emotions and carnal base desires. It looks into the darker side of romance and tackles matters which romance anime basically never does. ... In many ways, Kuzu no Honkai is effectively the polar opposite of most romance anime.

ginja commented on Need dank romance anime
Jan 01, 19 at 8:54pm

Tsurezure Children is one of the best rom-com anime out there. Non-stop relationships going canon in such a short span of time. I recommend it a ton!

Jan 01, 19 at 9:57pm

If you are alright with yuri, I would recommend Citrus. Possibly my favorite anime. About a relationship between two girls

Jan 02, 19 at 12:14am

I watched a bit of tsurezure children idk it was a little to fast with the switching
I just finished watching my little monster it was pretty good and I've heard of citrus the synopsis of it sounded pretty good I'll check it out same with kuzo no honkai thank you all for the suggestions

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