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Do you girls enjoy anime with fan service too?


I guess that question is more targeted towards straight girls but anyone is welcome to answer! I was rewatching The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, still freaking adorable btw, and I realized the plot is more targeted towards "girls" but the fan service is targets towards "guys"

I put that stuff in quotes cuz obviously anyone can watch whatever they like because I love slice of life anime. But all my guy friends make fun of me for the type of anime I watch and tell me they aren't exciting enough and stuff. Anyway, does that kind of fan service bother you gals while you're trying to watch anime? Maybe you guys enjoy it too? idk lol

Dec 04, 18 at 10:38pm

There probably are, but very rare. But fan servicey harem type anime are getting so old now a days, same plot over and over.


Dude, screw what they say, slice of life and high school romcoms are a big part of why I stuck with the anime community for so long. (Giant robots, battle monsters, and samurai anime brought me in. Shows like Fruits Basket, School Rumble, and Kanon 2006 kept me ensnared.) Cac is right though, they've been extremely formulaic for a long time. And its getting more and more noticeable. It's like they're just trying to cater to a checklist of turn-ons now, and deviating away from the originality that made them so charming to begin with. But I digress.

Ladies? You have have the floor now. I too wonder on this topic.


I mean I wasn't talking full on harem more stuff like seven deadly sins that is more subtle haha


I made a thread about this topic about 2 years ago, but was more gender neutral rather than directed at girls in particular.

Dec 05, 18 at 1:22am

I'm a girl, not quite 100% straight, but hey. That kind of fan service doesn't bother me, I mean, as long as if there's a plot it doesn't hinder it too much (if it's plotless then go right ahead and shove as much as you want in there). I enjoy fan service.


Female; probably straight.I like to take advantage of fan service. I do believe fan service≈art.


It depends on the type of fan service, blatant fan service is not my kinda thing but something small is generally fine.

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