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used girls panties in vending machine rumor?


Has anyone heard that rumor that used females panties are put in a vending machine in japan for perverts?

It's obviously false I found out. The rumor comes from clean panties being in the vending machines for women.

Funny how rumors happen. xD


I dunno, I've seen a few videos and photos of such vending machines. Probably not wide spread but rather niche and in cities like Akihabara.
Most of what I've read is that they were more overt before the 2000s, but new laws heavily regulate them now.

Granted, I don't read moon runes and you could well be correct.

https://www.snopes. com/fact-check/the-love-machine/

https: //

https: //

Nov 24, 18 at 10:41pm

I’ve heard they existed but have no proof.. I can’t imagine why anyone would want any. Lowkey I can imagine wanting to sniff used panties if I was dating a girl for awhile but the idea of used underwater from a stranger or even just a crush is unsettling... I guess if they are cheap enough you could wash them and use them?


Also silk stockings.....

Nov 24, 18 at 10:49pm

lol yeah maybe if you have been dating theperson but even then it's wierd imo. xD
haha nice. silk stockings. x3


Fetishes, man. They can push you to do things you can't imagine. I'd have to say, getting off and sniffing used panties is pretty tame..


What are they even smelling? I would assume it was lightly used, i cant imagine heavy use smelling good. And if that were the case what are you even smelling? Some things will never make sense to me XD

Nov 24, 18 at 10:58pm

|ω`) It’s not my fetish and it doesn’t get me anywhere, just find body oder interesting


I bet they are submissive males.


bruh I can't imagine these dudes purchasing panties out in public. That's embarrassing lmao

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