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Remakes/Remasters: yay or nay?


So what are your thoughts on remakes/remasteres when it comes to classic games? Should some games be left untouched or should they get a overhaul for a new and old generation of gamers? I feel like some are needed, especially when it comes to (saving)money and collecting.

What made me think of this topic was the recent release of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a ps1 classic that has recieved a remake for a new generation. When the Trilogy was first announced I was happy af and excited, and while I havent played Crash Bandicoot (even back in the day) I am thinking of getting the insane Trilogy sometime.

All I want now is a remake of Ape Escape (MAKE IT HAPPEN) and I can die happy.
Is there any old games you want to see get this treatment or just leave em be?

Nov 15, 18 at 7:40pm

I mean if they wanna remake the Gex ps1 games I wouldn’t complain, I mean my main boi already having his game remastered

Some twisted metals would be cool too with online multiplayer!!


Yea I saw MediEvil getting a remaster, only got to play that by renting it from blockbuster (fuuuuuuuuuuok). Might get it when it comes out. But for reals I want Ape Escape to get remade

Nov 15, 18 at 7:59pm

How bout some remade digimon games!!

Nov 15, 18 at 8:36pm

Hell yeah, the original digimon world needs a remake for sure, other than that the Resident Evil 2 remake is out in jan and ive had my heart set on that ever since it was announced by Capcom

Nov 15, 18 at 9:09pm

Charles just wants to see the loli in HD.

Actually I've never played Ape Escape. My play station experience is low. :(

Nov 16, 18 at 1:07am

For me it’s one I doubt will happen but wish it could be remastered:


On the fence. Personally I find it interesting to see what old games would like if done today, but part of me feels that what makes a game special is seeing it as a product of its time with its dated graphics and simplistic design, of course things would be become more refined as time progresses, but still...

Nov 21, 18 at 2:00pm

Im ok with complete ground up remakes. Remakes done well. I mean like the new Shadow of the Colossus remake is absolutely beautiful.Hopefully the new FFVII remake is as good as the Shadow of the Colossus remake.Get it done Square Enix! Square Enix im not F'ching playin wit yu!


They should be left untouched. The only things which I welcome are fan-made source-ports, such as GZDOOM for the classic "DOOM" games and eDuke32 for "Duke Nukem 3D". Those things just have small tweaks such as higher screen resolutions for modern screens and 3d-acceleration to lower the pixelization of the textures and sprites, while everything else is left completely untouched in its purest form.
We don't need to have our precious memories and childhoods erased and redefined. Thank you.
The only remakes which I ever accepted were "Wolfenstein-3D" and "Return To Castle Wolfenstein", along with the VGA mouse-enabled ports of the first 2 "Space Quest" games, because those actually brought life and made the games playable.
I won't accept anything else. Especially not a Heretic or Hexen remake. Those are sacred gems. Hands off! Don't anyone dare taint them.

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