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Mixer in Georgia?

Oct 20, 18 at 3:44pm

Anyone in/around Georgia wanna put together a Mixer? I want to make some more friends around my area and more importantly meet some ladies UWU

HMU if your in.

Oct 20, 18 at 3:55pm

Depends on what area of georgia, and were, I know it's got to be in public for me to come.

Oct 20, 18 at 5:11pm

I would prefer it not to be to far from Dallas, and for the location I guess it would depend on how many people and what area we will be in (:


new game plan

host it in virginia >w>

Oct 20, 18 at 9:18pm

Yeah... Dont think I could get to Virginia xD Lol

Bring your friends to GA UWU

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