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Hi hello

gyrobax started Hi hello
Oct 11, 18 at 6:42am

Name's Andres, I'm a dork, I like Devil may Cry and other stuff of the like, hope to make some friends, a little shy but I'm nice, I swear!

kratos10987 commented on Hi hello
Oct 11, 18 at 1:38pm

Welcome. We're all dorks here, so join the family

jakratchet12 commented on Hi hello
Oct 12, 18 at 6:19pm

Welcome to the site Andres, yup all dorks here haha

zanevogel commented on Hi hello
Oct 12, 18 at 11:58pm

Welcome. I dont know what these others are saying as I am not a dork.... Wait... If not a work than what am I? Lol j/k. Anyways no one here thinks anyone is a dork.

satoshix commented on Hi hello
Oct 13, 18 at 7:07pm

Hello, welcome to MO!

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