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Democrats have a (Terrible) tax proposal



im sorry but i pay enough taxes and can barely make ends meet even tho i dont qualify for secion 8 housing or welfare of any form. and this tax plan hurts the middle class when its intent is to benefit it.

increasing the top bracket from 37% to 39.6% and upping the corporate income tax from 21% to 25% will kill job growth and put people out of work, Want to see more automation? cuz thats how you do it. more McDonalds will have self ordering kiosks, more stores will have self checkouts. Taking money out of investors and job providers like this WILL kill jobs. Meijer and wallmart will not open as many stores, Workers will get replaced by automation at a faster rate... Heck it will cause job creators to leave, apple is based in Ireland so that they can pay less in taxes, Burger King is based in Canada to pay less too. why do you think so make corporate office jobs got shipped to china, call centers to india? if they have less cash to pay workers, they will invest elsewhere.

Bringing back AMT will kill cheap tax filing alternatives like TurboTax and prevent Americans from doing their taxes themselves. this will cost the tax payer more and its just plain stupid as you have to pay for this even if you dont have to pay AMT in the end. Why make 99% of Americans pay more for 4million upper middle class Americans to pay a slightly higher tax rate due to AMT?

Cutting the death Tax in half?
That isworse than nothing as it brings the death tax to where it was before the new trump tax laws. This means that MORE PEOPLE are subject to the death tax.
Instead of being taxed if you inherit assets worth 11 million you are subject to tax for inheriting assets 5.5 million. this effects upper middle class Americans more than it does the working class. but the upper middle class is the one that invests in the economy the most out of any portion of the middle class. many of these people own businesses that supply jobs. this is more than just taxing money, this is taxing away business shares, homes and past investments of the deceased. This includes 401k's, Stocks, IRA's, cash inheritance, business ownership, Equity from the inherited estate and properties... etc. this means if your grandpa invested in flipping houses, the stock market and a solid 401k and owned 6 million worth in assets, that gets taxed if this passes.

why do they have to offer subsudies and cause inflation? its not considered a good think to cause the rest of us to have less because we now have to pay more for the same services due to the increased demand increasing the cost of the service or products.

I dont see why they want to bring us all down closer to poverty to the point where we NEED these Welfare Programs. every time congress passes legislation on healthcare, prices increase, every time congress subsidizes housing, food, healthcare and more the prices of each go up? Maybe its time to admit that the democrats are no longer a party for the working class or even the middle class as a whole. This is the final nail in the coffin for their hopeful Blue Wave...

This will:

Cause inflation.

cause a increase in the rate of automation replacing workers.

Cause the costs of education, healthcare and housing to increase.

cause jobs to be shipped over seas and businesses to move their Headquarters out of the country to pay less taxes.

Hurt the middle class by taking inheritance out of their pockets through regressive taxes.

Give everyone not living in poverty less money to help fuel the economy.

Increase the cost of filing taxes.

Kill Small Businesses.

cause business owners to have less money to pay workers and expand business.


It's about time that somebody is actually asking the serious questions and not those BS questions.

Sir gone
Oct 08, 18 at 2:15pm

Yeah, I'm against people paying for others to go to art school in college. The books are way overpriced and changed way too much to avoid anyone from just using the old books. Too many people are going to college when they don't need to.
Government grants are way too plentiful and generous which just causes a collapse. These people leave school and can't find work. Not to mention the pay raise changes that may come in the near future. I hate both the Democrat and Republican tax proposals. One tries to fan the fire to the point that it burns it's self out and the other want's to smother it to death.

It's like middle of the road ideas can't exist and it has to be everything or nothing.


Hence why Economically, I lean right. This is ridiculous.


You got love how many Democrats advocate for the Nordic-style of social democracy while in the same breath advocating things contrary to its model. They want $15 Minimum wage... No minimum wage in Norway, Sweden, or Denmark. They also have lower corporate taxes there, whilst advocating for a higher corporate taxes. But one thing that is consistent is that EVERYONE in those countries, rich, middle class, and even most of the working class pays huge income tax. However here, they don't tell you that and insist only the rich are going to pay more. But yeah, safe to say the modern left couldn't come up with a decent tax plan to save their lives...


Honestly I dont mind to much helping people go to school. Just wish there was a system in place that keeps them from using that money towards personal use instead of it helping them pay for school.

What I hate the most is when I hear someone get financial aid and go off and spend it on 300 dollar sunglasses or buy a new 50inch tv.

Oct 10, 18 at 11:15pm
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Oct 10, 18 at 11:17pm
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