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Oct 07, 18 at 7:32pm

Just a game in which you can explain, tell us which bullshit policies you would enforce on a country if you were the absolute dictator of said country, your word would be absolute and it would be enforced by all means necessary.

You can pick whichever country you want and whichever number of bullshit policies.

For example, I on Mexico, would enforce people to share at least one dad joke on their social media daily, or else, jail!!!

Oct 07, 18 at 7:47pm

Only I can break my rules
Those operating on bad logic/rationale/emotional thinking will be exposed to listening to them selves and a back hand for their insolence
Those with terrible WAIFUS will be force to change their WAIFUS
Normies not aloud this is a non normie Memenostate of Memedom
Banning on forms right left and center and all the political parties will be called the up downs and the diagnals
Free fucking school
Banning of both commies and capitalist and all those ideas and creating a single language with new ideologies that will be labeled with ABCD S SS SSS+ with no actual names
Imah dictator ed I conquer the world fuck one country I want it all and I also get mars!

Tons of others shit...

Rule the world with a fucking plushie and a blanket

This is only the beginning I will conquer the galaxy and spread the greatest forms of shit post to the far reaches


Oct 09, 18 at 11:07pm

Establish the Cuntry


I would force America to finally adopt the metric system

Oct 10, 18 at 11:13am

I would go to war with your country to not adopt the metric system

Oct 10, 18 at 11:20am

If I was the dictator of America, I would ban taco Bell and promote real Mexican tacos stores

Oct 10, 18 at 2:09pm

Rebuild Hadrian's wall! and get the Scots to pay for it!! (fetches coat... leaves silently)

Oct 10, 18 at 2:34pm

Everyone would have to wear mini skirts!

Oct 10, 18 at 6:46pm

Anal will be a right


I would make Iphone WEphone.

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