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Comic conventions

Sep 21, 18 at 12:43am

The only convention I've been to was for the Vampire Diaries. Oh and I've been to Nintendo's little tours.(Nintendo is the only system I have and support.)

Anyway I think comic con is very different from conventions I've been to, so what are they like? Are there games to play?(i.e. Trivia, dance offs,etc.)

Sep 21, 18 at 3:59pm

I haven't been to any cons. I wish i could find a group of friends who isn't too nerdy to go to one with me

Sep 21, 18 at 9:17pm

There's rows of tables containing boxes filled with comic books for sale. There's also shelves of figurines and toys. There's some guest panels for fans to meet some of the artists and writers. And there's tons of cosplayers roaming around. And then there's expensive overpriced food, so try to bring food from home if you can.
There might also be cops and/or security guards stationed around the venue to make sure that nobody gets harassed.

Sep 21, 18 at 9:29pm

Having at least a couple people to tag along with or at least meet up with to split costs is nice.

I have a slight preference to anime over comic cons but depending on the size there isn't a huge difference. Although its been a couple years since tbe last one I attended.

Sep 22, 18 at 9:20pm

@RainX Well, considering the fact that anime goes hand-in-hand with manga (which are also graphic novels), it isn't a crime at all to refer to a con as both an anime con and/or a comic con.
And yes, having someone to split costs with would definitely be great, but I've never had that luxury since none of my IRL acquaintances are into this at all. So I keep flying solo every year.

Sep 23, 18 at 12:56am

I've been going solo to the conventions in my state.But games make it worth the trip.I think I make my friends jealous but, they don't invite me to go anywhere.(Even if its a free event at a school.)

Sep 23, 18 at 5:29pm

As for me, the gaming section is the only part of a convention which I almost entirely avoid. None of those new mainstream mass-multiplayer games have any appeal to me. They just don't.
I'd only pass by the gaming section in search of cosplayers of characters from old classics such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, and nothing else.

Ssdiz2le commented on Comic conventions
Sep 30, 18 at 9:41am

Ive been to quite a few, nan desu con like 5 or 6 times, Anime Wasabi a couple. Comic-con like four or five and anime fest a couple times... Im trying to save up and go to Anime Expo in LA next year, that would be super cool^^

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