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Woah-wee guys!

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Sep 14, 18 at 3:02am

Friends call me Salty!
Or, some do, not all. Okey, not to many. But I like it, so feel free to call me just that! Or, you know, Cute-Hotty, or something.

Hope to make a lot of friends!

Sep 14, 18 at 5:21am

Welcome to the site, Salty!
I can see that you are a partaker in the exalted ninja sex. This is an indicator of admirable character, I've found.
Please grace us all woth your sexy wisdom while we battle the forces of the Endless Chaos.

Sep 14, 18 at 6:06am

I will do my best, sir!

Sep 14, 18 at 11:13am

Welcome Salty,

Do you mind answering some questions?

- How much time so you spend watching anime every week?
- Which team are you on: Killing Koro-sensei or Saving Koro-sensei?
- What are your favorite crackers? Mine are Swiss Cheese Crackers.

Enjoy the website!

Sep 14, 18 at 11:36am

- not to much lately, but I'll watch more!
- Save, of course.
- simple salty crackets!

Sep 14, 18 at 2:46pm

Welcome to the site

Sep 14, 18 at 2:47pm

Hey, welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy it here.

Sep 14, 18 at 2:59pm

Thank you <3

Sep 14, 18 at 3:06pm

Hello! Welcome to MaiOtaku!

Sep 14, 18 at 3:07pm

Oh, jeez, y'all so kind! Thank you! <3

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