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Favourite OTPs

Sep 01, 18 at 7:21am

Apologies, if this thread was already made, but I couldn't find it and I thought: Why not?

OTP stands for 'One true pairing', so do you have a one true pairing with in an anime series that's your favourite or that you love?

Lynes commented on Favourite OTPs
Sep 01, 18 at 7:38am

Date x Yukimura from Basara series. I mean...they can fight all they want :)

datritzboi commented on Favourite OTPs
Sep 01, 18 at 7:39am

So many I could mention.....SO I WILL!!

"My Hero Academia"

Izuku Midoriya X Uraraka Ochako - IzuOcha (TOP FAVORITE)

Eraserhead/Aizawa Shouto X Mandalay/Shino Sosaki - EraserCat

Kirishima Eijiro X Mina Ashido - KiriMina

Kyouka Jiro X Kaminari Denki - KamiJiro

Itsuka Kendo X Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

Ibara Shiozaki X Fumikage Tokoyami (I just recently thought of this) ShadowThorn

Eri X Kouta Izumi

...and.....don't think too much of it, but.... Manami Aiba X Mineta Minoru

Sorry I posted so many. There are so many more from this, and other anime/manga that I like, but I may or may not put it out, unless it's fine to add more.

datritzboi commented on Favourite OTPs
Sep 01, 18 at 8:08am

I forgot one. Bakugo Katsuki X Camie Utsushimi = BakuCamie

hydrolysis commented on Favourite OTPs
Dec 02, 18 at 7:11am

Lum and Ataru from Urusei Yatsura. I also love Kyon and Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Was big fan of the idea of Kiba and Ino from Naruto but I knew it would never actually happen. Also loved Sakura and Ino and Sakura and Rock Lee. I have so many ships since I tend to be a multishipper but those are the few I can think of that I really enjoyed as far as anime goes.

ginja commented on Favourite OTPs
Dec 02, 18 at 8:39am

I’m sort of tied between Jaune X Pyrrha from RWBY and then InuYasha x Kagome in InuYasha. Know what, also Medaka x Zenkichi from Medaka Box. It’s so hard to decide on a favorite lol

Dec 02, 18 at 10:14am

Edward Elric X Winry Rockbell
Roy x Riza

wanzuki17 commented on Favourite OTPs
Dec 02, 18 at 10:18am

Hubert x Pascal from Tales of Graces F
Yuri x Flynn from Vesperia
Eren x Mikasa
Kaneki x Touka
Gon x Killua
Simon Blackquill x Athena


MioIsMyWaifu x MioIsMyWaifuIsMyWaifu (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

sourpeach_DONT_ADD commented on Favourite OTPs
Dec 02, 18 at 1:28pm

mirei and mamori from valkyrie drive: mermaid~

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