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Games You're Looking Forward To

Oct 24, 23 at 6:21pm
@arc https://youtu.be/sGswcCZHOBQ?si=yTNxzhk6SvReztDq I want to see you lose at this.
Crimson desert, the gameplay and mechanics look amazing
Oct 31, 23 at 10:29pm
@verucassault I just saw that show up on steam. So far it has mixed reviews. Looks pretty cool though
Nov 01, 23 at 3:24pm
Project Mugen. YOU CAN CARRY CATS NOW https://youtube.com/shorts/1_1caAT2_Xw?si=z8lTLOFygakxwlJG
Can't wait for Rapunzel to join my valley. ♡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKrZqiYi_Rw
Dec 01, 23 at 1:02pm
https://youtu.be/XNGbS0fY80s?si=nUki11cWi87lPbsp AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
You already know. It is here. The game of the decade. Shit is gonna be big! As I looked up a trailer. Oh man, I already saw a few youtube titles with the name "woke" on it. Motherfuckers really can't wait? We've really gone full circle. These people have really become the parody that they parodied. Nobody gives a shit. You know why? Because it's mudaducken GTA. Because a 100+ million views already. Because most anticipated game since like, ever? Second coming of Jesus has nothing on this game. No game wants to be nowhere near the blast radius when this shit drops. I swear, gamers are some of the most fraudulent motherfuckers out here. In one breath bitch whine and complain, while at the same time gargling Rockstar's Games cum. People can whine all they want about woke this and woke that. It doesn't matter. There is but a simple truth. Money talks, bullshit walks. For example, people can whine about microtransactions all they want, but if people still buy them. Game company will metaphorical take all that whining all stick it up your ass. With all that being said. Take-Two interactive stock options for 2025. Baller fucking move baby! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdBZY2fkU-0
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