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Looking for an old friend used to be on here


Looking for an old friend that used to be on here but her profile is gone. I was watching the new Stein's Gate and it reminded me of her. I believe at the time she said she was in California going to a University there. On here she went by "Akane 茜" If anyone knows her and can pass on contact information or ask her if she is ok chatting with me again, let me know. She was mostly active here in 2016.

Aug 11, 18 at 12:37pm

Akane is taken, she got together with a guy from the Netherlands, he dwells occasionally on Discord, as for Akane, I have attempted to contact her in the past, to have GO matches but it's nearly impossible. Whether it's due to her studies or a lack of need to interact with people she's nowhere to be found.

The man in question goes by "Ryachi" in here, haven't spoken to him in months, so they might have stopped dating, who knows~

That's all I know, heart shaped butt old man.


Lol, I wasn't presumptuous enough to assume she would be interested in dating me. I just liked talking to her. But thanks for the heads up.

Aug 11, 18 at 10:56pm

oh, sorry Old man, didn't meant it in that way XD

More like, "She's taken so she's got even less time than regular", I mean, you know she goes to this university major that is demanding on time, plus the relationship, thought it made sense XD

Really sorry.


It's fine, I wasn't offended or anything.

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