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Do you have any video game collectible?


I am not big on vinyl music, but when I saw one of my favorite games had a vinyl record with the soundtrack of the game. I just had to get it. I just need the record player that I do not have to play the music.

Aug 02, 18 at 5:34am

I got the Sword Art Online Hollow Realization collectors edition and the Undertale collectors edition for console since its one of my favorite games. Hopefully Last of Us 2 has a collectors edition, if it does I'll absolutely get it.

Aug 02, 18 at 7:11am

Neat collectible Tabris. Bioshock came with a vinyl record which is super nice. Mine got damaged in a flood which I'm honestly OK with.
I have a little shelf section in my room with my vidya collectibles.


Sadly I don't have the money nor the space to build any sort of collection myself - I'd have to get my own place before I'd have the chance at getting anything like that.

BUT I do have a little Funko POP figure of the Doom Slayer and it's adorable and I love it very much :D Huge Doom fan here so of course I'd have something!


When I saw this necklace in the upcoming game Death Stranding I thought it was cool. But then I saw the equations with the blending of math, physics and video games and I knew I had to get it.
The six equations are:

-Wave function of two particles
-Higgs field
-Schwarzschild radious
-Dirac equation
-Einstein's field equation
-Heat equation

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