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what's a good app for learning japanese

fuck that duolingo type shit i ain't having that. give me a better app suggestion thanks
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lovely suggestion! i'll look into it, many thanks! xx
Tofugu is a good website I used to learn hirigana and katakana. I learned them both pretty quickly using Tofugu. Kanji is another storythough, I'm still trying to find a good way to learn them.
i see i see, i'm confident in the two, i just want to learn well in terms of structure, vocabulary and kanji :) thanks for the suggestion though!
No problem, yeah I am still trying to find a good site also lol
Anki + make deck of kanji by scholar level + read a lots ! (manga/snes jrpg games) When you will have learned the 3 firsts scholar deck, you can "read". Ah, and put every word you don't know in a deck in Anki. And use this website to copy paste. http://classic.jisho.org/ (classic version is the best for copy/paste)
What Mao recommends is literally one of the top choices by serious Japanese learners. -There are decks already there and made by users, try searching "Ultimate JLPT, Anki Deck" into your search engine. Jisho is also another great choice, as Mao explains, but is also good for kanji. -When learning kanji you will want to quit, it's that bad, but very rewarding, enough about kanji: small steps first. Takoboto, is a Windows and Android application and is an offline dictionary, with the ability to add your own definitions. It is extensive. It is also recommended that you study grammar, without that you will progress slower overall and have trouble understanding written materials.
I download Kanji Study and paid $10 to unlock all the grades. Very easy to use, or for beginner just use JLPT N5. Also if you want to talk with Japanese then download Hello Talk for exchange language study
http://youtu.be/_TuOlZX36Yw http://youtu.be/BwZrgQAkWQE
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